“I do not condemn you either. Go, but do not sin again.” – John 8:11

Gina (not her real name) is my college schoolmate who suffered polio. That’s why one of her legs is smaller than the other. The disability didn’t seem to bother her as she actively joined student organizations, including one I belonged to.
One day, Gina and I had an argument about one of our projects. It was really petty, but after the incident, I felt so guilty about arguing with Gina. I thought that whether she was right or wrong, I should have been more kind and patient with her. I confessed this sin but — would you believe — I carried the guilt for quite a long time.
Years later, I suffered a skin allergy on my feet. Crazy, but I was actually glad I had the allergy because I considered it as my payment for my sin against Gina.
The Gospel today reminds me of the times I condemn myself for sins I’ve longed confessed but still dwell on, continuing to pay for them the best I could. But just as Jesus did not condemn the woman committing adultery, neither does our Lord condemn us of our sins — big or small.
Today, I try not to sin. But when I do, I repent, confess it and then move on, basking on my Lord’s unconditional love for me. Cynthia Santiago

We are not perfect. Just forgiven.

Lord, take me and make me whole, worthy of Your great love for me.

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