Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland, was born in 387 A.D. at Kilpatrick, Scotland. The young Patrick was captured in a raiding party and was taken to Ireland as a slave where the boy herded and tended sheep. In Ireland, Patrick grew close to God.
His captivity lasted for six years. In a dream, God spoke to Patrick, ordering him to leave the country by going to the coast.
There he found sailors who brought him back to Britain where he was reunited with his family. Patrick entered the seminary. He was ordained priest by St. Germanus, then become a bishop years after. He was assigned to take the Gospel to Ireland in 433. For 40 years, he converted hundreds and thousands of Irish to Catholicism.
One legend even says that Dichu, a chieftain of one of the tribes, was converted to the Catholic faith. In his attempt to kill Patrick, the chieftain was not able to move his arm until he became friendly to the latter.
Patrick and his disciples continued to preach and baptize people. They built churches throughout the country, performed miracles, and pronounced God’s love and mercy in confession.
After years of travelling, living in poverty and enduring much suffering, St. Patrick died on March 17, 461 in Downpatrick, Ireland.

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