Saint SeraPion the SchoLaStic

Saint Serapion the Scholastic of the fourth century was a disciple of Saint Anthony and a friend of Saint Athanasius. He served as a monk, heading a catechetical school in Alexandria. In 339, he was Bishop of Thmuis. He fought Arianism and Macedonianism, thus, he was banished by Emperor Constantius II. Saint Jerome gave him the title “Confessor of the Faith.”
Among Serapion’s works were several learned letters, a treatise on the titles of the Psalms, and the sacramentary Euchologium (collection of liturgical prayers). He also wrote against Manichaeism, supporting the principle that man
has the choice to choose whether to use his body for good or evil. This meant it was a lie to think that “our souls are of God, our bodies of the devil.”
Serapion the Scholastic died of natural cause between 365 – 370 during his exile in Egypt.

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