My prayer and confession

I couldn't sleep last night. I was thinking of some things. Sometimes our lives are just full of trials and temptations. We are being tested how strong our faith is. I know and I believed, God is always there for me whatever comes my way.

It is my first time to be faraway from my husband for quite couple of weeks, well for quite 2 months anyway. I am missing him right now. I realized that I really love my husband and will never leave him.

It also comes to our life sometimes that we never realized something or someone that is valuable to us unless he/she/it is gone.

I am in a sin city right now. A city surrounded with lots of temptations like gambling and a lot more. You can find it here anywwhere. well, I guess some people also visit this place to fulfill their needs for flesh and earthly desire. I cannot judge these people doing things like these. Besides it is their choice in their life. It is just sad sometimes why values and morals are already forgotten and no longer remembered.

I am not perfect, but I always try to be one. I always try my best to do things that are according to my own belief and instinct to be in good moral. I am a Christian, a Catholic. I believed in God. I had been to a lot of trials, pains and temptations in life...and I know that God is always there protecting me and guiding me to the right path. He never leaves me.

I just keep on praying that God will continue to guide me in all my undertakings. That is why we are given the intellect and free will to choose between good and evil. All we just need is to use it wisely.

I hope and always pray that God will always give me and all of us the guidance and belief to do things that are according to God's will and not the earthly things.

I pray for those family who are falling apart, may God will help them realize the value of family. I also pray for all people who badly needs God's help, the poor and the dying, the sick and unemployed, all the victims of calamities and man made disasters, may God bless and protect them.

I also pray for my friends, relatives and especially my family and love ones. May God will continue to give them good health always and free from all harm and danger.

Lastly, I want to thank God for all the blessings and the graces He had given to me and my family...I am most thankful especially for the gift of life and all gifts of nature, our talents, faculties and abilities, thank you so much dear Lord for everything!!

ps...can't really think of the right title of this post...hope the one i gave fits!!

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