Blog stats update!!

I am quite sad again, seeing today that my PR4 in this blog went down to PR3. I don't understand it sometimes how really Big G is computing/doing its Algorithm on Page ranking..But life must still go on..I would say still keep on blogging till the end!! It's a part of my life now!!

well just monitoring my blog stats base on Mypagerank

PR3; GIP-155; GBL-143; YIP-154; YBL-10,042; MYP-122; Alexa: 501,729
other stats: blogcatalog-31.9; technorati -256

I guess those are the important stats..will try to monitor from time to time the standing of this blog...I'm just curious!! see you later friends....have great evening!!


AJ said...

hi ruby..longtime!..kmsta na:D

ur doin good with ur template huh'. i like it..

see u again:

Euroangel said...

Hi Josh, nice to see you here..thanks to some friends like Choco who did this!! really appreciated their great job!!