Happy To Hear from A Friend

I am just expressing my happiness hearing from one of my best friend and also classmate back in my College days. Sometimes and even all the times when you remember the happy moments and bad as well, it just gives you some inspirations in life. This friend of mine have the same course as me but she studied Nursing and just graduated last March of this year. I am happy for her. She was also asking me if I already have kids...Nope big No!! For me, it is not a big deal. When a blessing comes to have children, then I will accept it gladly...God always knows what's best for all of us and whatever plan He have for me, I am ready to accept it. Besides I really don't can do anything if that is really His will!! Agree With Me??? I hoep so..I'm wishing everyone a very nice day!!!


AJ said...

glad to be back here..and inspired myself by your thoughts..

pana-panahon lang daw po lahat ng bagay sa buhay..the most imp thing is that u learn to enjoy your life out of what u have..

rgds..more of this..

Euroangel said...

I agree with you Bro.!! happy to see you here!!ingat po!!