Conversation With A Friend

I had a great conversation with a friend last night. She gave birth to a very cute baby boy last June of this year. The last time we saw them was during the baby's baptismal. He looks really very cute which make me feels excited of having a baby too. I am not in a hurry but if it is God's will, why not! My friend also mentioned about her baby which she sometimes have a problem about colic, reflux and gas. Colic in babies are sometimes very difficult. I even heard sometimes while we were talking over the phone about her baby cried and screamed so loud. I felt sad about it.

I guess her baby needs some gripe water to cure this kind of problem. She also asked me sometimes about problems and situation regarding babies but I told her that I still don't have a baby. I guess the last time I took care of babies was about twenty years ago. I would better suggest to her to watch a PBS Video at Colic Calm. I believed this is a great site for her so that she can learn more about taking care of babies and handling the problems and difficulties that babies encounter everyday.

I hope to see my friend tomorrow in a party. Take care guys and don't forget to enjoy your weekend.

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