Tiring Day!

I just sit down now in my PC. I was watching some funny videos on television with my husband after a long afternoon of staying in the kitchen. I cooked a lot this afternoon. Imagine a friend fish, paksiw fish, pork snitzel and cooked some rice. I also boiled some potatoes and it took me around 1 and half hours to peel them all. It is my first time to make a potato salad with my own ingredients. I guess it taste good because I also ate some for dinner. I should not eat dinner anymore but I can't resist the potato salad and snitzel which are perfect match for eating. We eat it sometimes in the German restaurant and my husband love it very much. Finally around 9pm this evening, I finished cleaning the messy kitchen. After watching the funny videos, here I am again. It was a tiring but satisfying day. I don't waste my time at home but having quality time always even I am alone. How did you spend your day? Did you enjoy being alone at home? yes I am!! It is just how you manage to do some things and enjoy doing it. Cheers folks!!

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