Hello. How Are You?

Nice to be backed here and share some good thoughts and story for today. Hello! How are you? I hope everything is great. I can't afford to delete this very beautiful story in my inbox without sharing it to you. It is a subscribed email from their site for more inspirational stories..Truly beautiful!! please read and share to your friends!! have a great and blessed Monday to all..take care!!

Hello. How Are You?

1.) Hello.
3.) How are you?
4.) Hello. How are you?

Four words or less could make a world of difference.

I just heard the sad news that a colleague of mine took his
own life over the weekend. My initial reaction was: why? I
guess my reason was that we both work for a company that is
fairly stable in this economy, his life was full of energy on
and off work, he was young and he had a lot of friends.
Everything was perfect!

Or so it seemed.

At a session to share our memories of him, someone brought it
up that it might be a good idea to always reach out to people
we know who might be going through rough times emotionally,
financially, spiritually or in any other way they might not be
feeling fulfilled.

How are you?
My expansion on this is to say this should not just be to our
friends and family alone but to anyone we come in contact with
in our daily life or even just once in a lifetime.

There have been moments in my life that I needed to share
things on my mind but did not know who to speak with. Or
moments that I just wanted to talk to a stranger who will not
give a biased opinion because they were my friends. When
people go through hard times, they become more of what they
are, the quiet withdraw more or the talkative increase their
chatter. A few simple signs could tell us something is wrong.

Hello, how are you?
When I was much younger, a girl on my street caught my eye and
I always promised myself that I would summon the courage to
say hello and become her friend. I never did. She died of a
sickness I had survived a few years earlier. My family was
aggressive with testing and we diagnosed it very quickly.

I keep wondering, what if I had said those four words, would
it have led to me sharing my survival story and would she
still be alive now? I will never know the answer to that.
However, you can! Not the answer to my question but you can
say those few words and you never know; it may just save a

My MountainWings Moment resolution is, as simple as it may
seem, 1, 3, 4 or more words may just bring back a life or
bring a smile at least.

I know I need a smile to get me going once in a while.

~A MountainWings Original by Peter Debo Fadesere,
New Orleans, LA~

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