Manic Monday #60

Cool questions for week 60...finally had the chance to update this it is!!
Do you screen your phone calls?
Not really! But sometimes, I don't answer private numbers because these are usually advertisements, lottery or people selling any products, etc...

When was the last time you lost your temper?
I can't exactly remember...but the worst one was July 2008..what a bad experience about it when a person whom you consider your family will betray you..I never expect it. At least I learned a lot of lessons from it!! The wound is already healed but there is still a scar left in it. guess you know what I mean...cheers!!

When you're lost, do you ask for directions?
Oh yes! I usually do especially when there is somebody whom I can ask for direction. It happened last Saturday. I already know the place but I don't exactly know the exact street of the person whom I need to get something. It helped! I also do the same, if somebody will ask me for a direction and if I know it, I am also showing the way. It is a nice feeling if you help even in a very simple way.

Have a great evening to all!!

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