Manic Monday #165

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What's the best summer job you ever had?
I never experience a summer job. But I love it before when I worked in a bank for almost 9 years. I miss it!

Tell me about the worst date you ever went on.
Interesting question! anyway, I don't remember a worst date at all. I never go dating with men during my high school and college days because I want to concentrate on my studies. I only went dating with classmates and tons of friends...and I miss it too! hope to see them again once I go home for vacation.

Do you think the age for a driver's license should be raised (currently 16 here in the U.S.)?
As far as I know getting a driver's license in Germany is 18. I don't think it needs to be raised but young people only need to be very careful when driving. Most accidents here in Germany are caused by over speeding and DUI of alcohol.

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Coming from Manic Monday!
I think that even 18 might be too young. I think that at that age immaturity gets the best of young drivers. =0(