Holiday Wishlist

Are you starting to wrap your presents for the coming holiday? Christmas is almost coming! Many of us have wishlists this coming holiday season. It might be for our family, our friends, relatives or  maybe for  ourselves.  

I also have a holiday wishlist of my own. Here are some of it;

Tablet PC- This is one of the gadgets that I need especially when I travel. I have been planning to buy one this Christmas and I hope to  get one. I am just quite confused which brand to buy. Since I watched last month a review about the best  Tablet PC  on a TV program, I already have an idea what to buy. What do you think folks, an Apple Ipad, Google Nexus or Amazon Kindle? Any idea?

Digital Camera- I already have a lot of digital cameras including a DSLR one but I am still searching for a better one that is good in taking pictures with low light or during the night. More on that, a camera that can fit  in my pocket. When I went to Las Vegas and met a friend two months ago, I saw that her camera takes really great pictures with low light. It is also a handy camera. I wish I can get a Canon S95 or S100.

Office Chair- As a blogger who sits in front of the computer everyday, I really need good office chair. The seat cover of my chair is worn-out now and it really needs a replacement asap. I have an extra office chair but it is too big for my little working space.  I need one that will not make my back aches. I mean a comfortable and really a good quality one.

Printer- Another machine that I needed. Most of the times when I need something to be printed I ask a good friend to print it for me. Since she is going back to the US in a week, it is time for me to buy a printer.

These are only some of the things that are in my holiday wishlist. While browsing online to search for  these stuffs, I landed at  Viking website.  It is a global company  that sells office supplies of all kinds, gadgets and electronics, office furniture, gift items and many more.  I have fun  browsing their site because it is very easy to navigate.  Their prices are also very competitive.  Since they  are also based in the UK, it is an advantage for me to shop online in their site because  I no longer need to pay for Value added tax compared to buying outside of the European Union like in the USA. Shipping is also cheaper for me.   I also found some reasons why to shop in this store;  they simply have a range of quality products  of all kinds.

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