January was a Great Month!

It is time to slowly goodbye to January. CET or Central Europe Time, some more hours and it is over. February is about to come and I am optimistic for its coming, hoping it will be another great month like January.

So far, I am grateful that January is indeed a great month. Why I say  great? Hmmm.. I am finally going home this year. I booked my  plane ticket during the first  week of  January. Thanks to my siblings who will be sponsoring for my travel this time. isn't it a blessing? I am also glad to have more contacts to my family and friends worldwide.

I also bought a new inspiring travel book entitled, 1000 Places to See Before You Die.  This is quite a good book for a traveler like me.

I am also looking positive for  the acknowledgement of my  diploma and work experiences in Germany.

Most of all, I am happy because I and my family are all healthy and always away from all harms and dangers. Thanks God for it!

Some trials and problems were also experienced but they were not really that bad. Someone hit my car but it is not a problem because her insurance will be paying for the repair.

What else? I am also thankful for all the blessing I received the past days, months and years. God is truly amazing!

Life is beautiful, indeed and I am always grateful for all the blessings, big or small.

Cheers and a wonderful month of February to us all!

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