Former Colleague and Friend is Sick

Indeed,  health is wealth and it can't be bought with money. I was shock when one good friend and former  bank colleague told me in facebook that another good friend and also a bank colleague is suffering of sickness at the moment. It is not just an ordinary sickness but it is this very dangerous one called cancer.

She told me to write a message to our friend and also asked me to pray for her. I really felt so sad after hearing that news.  Last weekend, I had the chance to exchange  private messages with her thru facebook. She said that she is doing better and she is currently undergoing a chemoteraphy. 

I was even mentioning to her the other year, that was in 2013,  that I wanted to meet them when I will take a vacation in my home country in 2014. Since my time was limited and there were already plans about that vacation, I was not able to meet them.

Hopefully in my next visit back home, I will see them both. I considered them not only my true friends but also as family.

Lastly, I  hope and pray that the healing power of the greatest Doctor, our  Lord, will touch her and  make her well again,  including those who are suffering from terminal sickness.

Until next time and take care everyone!

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