Tips on Getting Your Car Ready for Winter Driving

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Happy weekend! I hope you don't have any hangover from the Thanksgiving celebration recently. Andy yes, Belated Happy Thanksgiving Day! There are a lot to be thankful of and one of it is waking up everyday!

This morning when I woke-up, I immediately looked outside of the window. It was snowing and I told myself, thanks goodness, my car is ready for driving during this winter time.

If you haven't have a checklist list to get your car ready for the winter, here are some tips for you.

Install Good Winter Tires

Winter weather is unpredictable. Sometimes we really have very bad winter especially when it keeps snowing for some days and the road is full of snow. Good winter tires are a must during this time of the year. Some might be using these so called 4-season winter tires but for my car, I prefer to install winter tires and summer tires depending on the season.

Check Your Fluids and Oil Change Too

Frequent oil change is very important for the car. Also make it sure that the washer fluid container is always full as we frequently use it during winter season. I also bought some extra gallons of washer fluids especially when traveling long distance.

Check The Tire Pressure

I have new winter tires installed and also made it sure that the tire pressure is check regularly. This is very important especially when driving during winter season.

Are the Wipers still in Perfect Condition?

Another very important thing to check. Make it sure that your wipers are in perfect condition. If not, better buy new ones as winter weather can really be so bad especially when there is snow-rain.

Are Your Winter Car Safety Kit Complete?

We never know what happens on the road especially when driving during winter season. It is better to be prepared during emergency on the road. Make sure to have these items in your car, I always have them with me; ice scraper, blanket, chargers or battery packs for cellphone, water, extra winter jacket, flashlight, first aid kit, extra hats and gloves, fully charge cellphones (I always have two with me), basic tools for repair, food and snacks esp. for long travels, shovel, etc.

Some of these items are always in my car but the others, I have an extra bag for it and bring it always inside the house when I am not driving or traveling.

Make a Safety Car Check All the Time

It is very important to bring your car to a car repair shop once in a while to make it sure that it is running well and ready for every season. Feel free to also check the safety car check at It will for sure help you with a lot of tips and ideas.

Full Tank Especially for Long Distance Travel

Some people love to make a winter holiday especially to those who love winter sports. UIf you expect to drive long distance, be sure to make that tank full. You know know when there are gas stations along the road. So far, my car is ready for the winter. How about you? Safe driving to us all!

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