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Happy with my New Books

This is a very special day for us today. Around noon time, the phone rang and when I picked it up I thought it was something for me. It was not only a good news for me but most especially for hubby also. We are very glad and thankful today that our prayers were finally answered.

Another thing is, I am quite happy with the presents I got last Christmas. I love books and I am happy to have new ones in my collections especially travel books. Next time, I hope I can have one of those ebook readers. This is quite convenient especially if you are travelling because it is very handy. Besides you can store a lot of books in this electronic device. I need to set aside an amount for this from time to time. This time I have another priority. I'll let you know once I already have it.

Goodnight folks. It's time to drink red wine with hubby to celebrate the good news we had today. Thank God for all your unending goodness!