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Woerth Castle in Bavaria, Germany

W├Ârth or Woerth as written in English is a town located near Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany. We happened to go inside this castle which is now an Altenheim or Home for the Aged. We visited it last August 2009. This is also my SS entry. I am late already but better late than never..wink! have a great week to all!

Scenic Sunday
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WW: Prunn Castle in Bavaria, Germany

I always love wordless Wednesday because I can share photos of different kinds. Thanks to the Author of this wonderful meme. Here is my WW entry which is the Castle in Prunn near Kelheim in Bavaria, Germany. I was there last weekend! Special thanks again to all friends especially my family who extend their thoughtful greetings in my special day. take care everybody! Have a great and blessed day!

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SS: Riedenburg in Bavaria, Germany

Another great meme is here. Here is my entry for Scenic Sunday taken last Saturday at Riedenburg, a town in Bavaria, Germany. You can see in the background the Church tower, he town hall and above the hill is the Rosenburg Castle. have a great day to all!

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Hohenfels in summer Time

This is Hohenfels during summer time. This is where I found my new home! I love this place and the beauty of its surroundings. It is a small town but has a lot to offer. Not probably about shopping but in terms of the beauty of nature around. That tower is the Burgruine Hohenfels, the remains of the Castle that was erected here around 1300. Hohenfels is truly a beautiful place!! feel free to visit my other sites for more photos and updates!! have a great evening!!