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The Beautiful Cathedral in Passau

This is the St. Stephan's Cathedral, called as "Dom St. Stephan" in German located in Passau, a city in Bavaria, Germany. This is so far one of the most beautiful cathedral I visited in this country. It has a baroque architecture the seat of the Catholic Bishop of Passau.

It has the largest church organ outside of United States. It is also the largest cathedral organ in the world.

The image below was taken during my third visit to this city last summer 2010. This is such and amazing work of art! St. Stephan's Cathedral is truly stunning!

The cathedral's overall plan was made by Carlo Lurago, its interior decoration by Giovanni Battista Carlone, and its frescos by Carpoforo Tencalla.

The Cathedral in Bamberg, Germany

The Bamberg Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George (Bamberger Dom St. Peter und St. Georg) is known to be one of the famous architectural monuments in Germany. It is also the most famous landmark of the city of Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany. Emperor Henry II is the founder of the cathedral in 1004. It has a late Romanesque design with four imposing towers.

The cathedral is about 94 m long, 28 m broad, 26 m high, and the four towers are each about 81 m high. This was taken during our visit last Oct. 9, 2010.


Church in Neumarkt , Bavaria and the Fountain

Good morning folks! It seems that the sky is crying again. No chance to work today in our garden. I better share this picture taken in Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate of Bavaria. If I am not mistaken this is the St. Johannes or St. John's Church. You can see a fountain near this church. It is also located near the City Hall. I have been to this city for more than a hundred times already. I wish you all a wonderful day!
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The Golden Altar in St. Ullrich Church in Hohenfels,Germany

"Day by day and with each passing moment,
Strength I find to meet my trials here;
Trusting in my Father's wise bestowment,
I've no cause for worry or for fear."
This is the beautiful golden altar of St. St. Ullrich Church in Hohenfels, a municipality of Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany. I always visit this church to lit some candles and offer prayers.


Frauenkirche, Church of Our Lady in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

We always pass this Church every time we visit Nuremberg Castle in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany. Sad to say, I was still not able to go inside of this church. I promise that the next time we visit here, I will for sure take a look and lit a candle inside this historical church. Here is a little information I have from Wikipedia about this church.

The Frauenkirche (in English, "Church of Our Lady") is a church in Nuremberg, Germany. It stands on the eastern side of the main market. An example of brick Gothic architecture, it was built on the initiative of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor between 1352 and 1362. The church contains many sculptures, some of them heavily restored. Numerous works of art from the Middle Ages are kept in the church, such as the so-called Tucher Altar (c. 1440, originally the high altar of the Augustinian church of St. Vitus), and two monuments by Adam Kraft (c. 1498).

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It's Time to Look at The Skies!

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winter is almost ending that's why I am sharing a picture from it before it is over.

the tower of the church in Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany. taken last Nov. 2009

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SS-Church in Moening

This photo was taken last Oct. 28, 2009 as I attended a funeral ceremony in this place. This is the church in Moening, a small town in Neumarkt, Bavaria, Germany. This is where the funeral mass was held. That was a sad day attending events like that but that is life. To all friends out there, we must live life to the fullest, no matter what! Have a great weekend to all!
Scenic Sunday
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The Beautiful Altar in St. Ullrich Church in Hohenfels

This is the beautiful altar of St. Ullrich Church in Hohenfels. I always love to lit candles and offer prayers in this Church. Feel free to click the photo to enlarge! take care guys! and have great one always!

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SS- Church in Munich

This photo was taken in Munich one week ago. Sad to say, I have no idea about the name of that Church. I hope I could find it in the internet next time. I also wish everyone a great weekend and a great start of October! take care guys!
Scenic Sunday

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