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I Love Music and Entertainment

Do you love to hear  songs or do you love singing? Are you interested about  music? How do you entertain yourself? With our modern world now, you can have as many forms of music and entertainment that you always wanted. If you have a laptop or computer, you can go online and simply browse for a music and entertainment website. Watching music videos in the world's most famous video platform called Youtube is also free and you can truly watch a variety of videos according to your choice.

Las Vegas, Nevada, The Entertainment Capital of The World. I was there!
I love listening to the music and singing as well. I have sisters that can also sing good. I also have a cousin who used to perform in Ballys and other hotels in Las Vegas. I really admired her voice.


Up on Ferris Wheel in Nuremberg Spring Festival

"The riches of this world are vain,
They vanish in a day;
But sweet the treasure of God's love-
They never pass away."

This was taken during our visit to the Spring Festival in Nuremberg the other weekend. It is a city in the state of Bavaria in Germany. That was a very nice experience we had during our visit. I took this picture as we were riding the Ferris wheel in the festival.

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SS- Bird's Eye View of Oktoberfest

This is the bird's eye view of Oktoberfest taken yesterday while we rode inside the Ferris wheel. More updates and photos in my other blogs. Have a great and blessed week ahead to everybody!

Scenic Sunday

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WW: Bavarian Statue in Munich, Germany

Do you want to see this famous Bavaria statue in Munich, Germany? That is very easy. If you happen to visit the Oktoberfest in Munich this year, you will truly see this monument which is the symbol of the state of Bavaria. I took this photo during our visit to the Oktoberfest last year. I guess that's all for now! take care folks!

Wordless Wednesday
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WW: Garden in Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Just sharing this picture taken inside the Garden in Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. I hope everyone will have a good start of the month of July..happy wordless Wednesday to all!

copyright photo by: Euroangel


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Halloween in London

it is almost Halloween as we visited London..sometimes you see people with Halloween customs in the street...just like in this photo taken near London Eye, this guy had a skeleton custom...isn't it cool!! hope to share more photos next time...please also visit my other blogs for more updates!! I also would like to extend my apology to all my blogger friends...hope to visit you once I am back to Germany...special thanks to dae Loy for everything especially for the touring and accommodation!!! appreciate it!!