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Uses of Candles

 We were  taught in school  that before the invention of electric lighting, candles and  oil lamps are  commonly used as illuminations.  Nowadays,  there are still areas in some corners of this world without electricity  and Candles are routinely used.

For  some reasons, I love candles and you can find it everywhere inside our home.  Below are only  some of the reasons why I always keep candles inside our premises.

I always light  Scented Candles everytime I cook. Most of the times, when we cook there are really smells or odors that are coming out depending on what we are cooking. I use scented candles in order to eliminate the smell of the food  I cook.

I love the smell of scented candles. I am using the aesthetic value and scent of candles  to make a soft, warm and romantic ambiance inside  our home. I always love it! Do you?

Candles as Decorations- I love  to decorate  and in fact I also use candles as decorations. I  have a lot  of candle holders and I usually put colourful and scented candles on it.  I have Christmas candles, spring and autumn candles as well.  Candle holders  from crystals to porcelains, ceramics  to glasses are also found in our home.

Candles as religious  or ritual purposes.  Many  are using candles as  religious  or ritual purposes. When I travel and visit a  church and  I always try to lit candles  inside and offer some prayers. You  might also notice that when you go inside a church, you always see candles inside especially on the altars.

Candles as emergency lighting- I  remember back in my home country where we always have power failures.  We always have candles  ready to lit in times of  electrical power failures.  In my  nine years of living here in Europe, I only experienced  it twice in our area.

Scented candles as aromatherapy.  I believed a lot of you are using candles due to its aroma. Yes, I do the same. It always feels good when we smell or breath something good. Scented candles  truly  bring   therapy to us. It is like a balsam to our body.

Before I end up, I want to let you know that a  candle manufacturer is traditionally called as chandler.