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What is Maundy Thursday

To have more understanding about Lenten Season especially the celebration of Maundy Thursday, I have here an article about it..just to let you know ..have a blessed Holy Week to all!

"Maundy Thursday

The feast of Maundy (or Holy) Thursday solemnly commemorates the institution of the Eucharist and is the oldest of the observances peculiar to Holy Week. In Rome various accessory ceremonies were early added to this commemoration, namely the consecration of the holy oils and the reconciliation of penitents, ceremonies obviously practical in character and readily explained by the proximity of the Christian Easter and the necessity of preparing for it. Holy Thursday could not but be a day of liturgical reunion since, in the cycle of movable feasts, it brings around the anniversary of the institution of the Liturgy. On that day, whilst the preparation of candidates was being completed, the Church celebrated the Missa chrismalis of which we have already described the rite (see HOLY OILS) and, moreover, proceeded to the reconciliation of penitents. In Rome everything was carried on in daylight, whereas in Africa on Holy Thursday the Eucharist was celebrated after the evening meal, in view of more exact conformity with the circumstances of the Last Supper. Canon 24 of the Council of Carthage dispenses the faithful from fast before communion on Holy Thursday, because, on that day, it was customary take a bath, and the bath and fast were considered incompatible. St. Augustine, too, speaks of this custom (Ep. cxviii ad Januarium, n. 7); he even says that as certain persons did not fast on that day, the oblation was made twice, morning and evening, and in this way those who did not observe the fast could partake of the Eucharist after the morning meal, whilst those who fasted awaited the evening repast. more infos here

Lenten Season: A Time for Repentance, Fasting and Abstinence

The Season of Lent is not only the time for repentance, fasting and abstinence but also the celebration about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I cannot forget this Catholic teachings because I attended Catholic schools during High School and College. A lot of people probably don't have any idea about the Celebration of Lenten Season but I know that a lot also have knowledge on how Christ died on the cross to save us from the poverty of sins. I know I am a sinful person. I am not perfect and can never be perfect. At least I always try my best to do what is supposed to be done. That is the reason why I have to repent for my sins and do penance for it.

There might be some people whom I also offended and I really felt sorry for that.
I always tried my best to be a friend to everybody. But sometimes I just can't make all people happy. I always tried to understand but there are just people who don't want to understand. I always try to forgive but some people don't really understand the spirit of forgiveness. Since Lenten season is a season to repent for our sins and to forgive other people's offences, I hope that I can always extend my understanding and forgiveness. I always tried..But I believed one way to avoid sinfulness is also to avoid people who make you prone to sinfulness. Please correct me if I am wrong. To those whom I hurt or maybe did something wrong, I apologize for my sinfulness. I hope and pray that God will also forgive all the transgressions and sins that I committed. Peace to everyone and have a blessed Lenten Season!