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Greetings To Dear Mother

I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to the greatest Mother of the world. Her name is Rosa. She brought me to this world. Thanks a lot Mama Rosa for everything. I also would like to greet all Mothers out there. Congratulations to all of your for raising your children. God bless you all. Here is a pot of flowers to all of you.
I wish I could give this to my Mother personally. Sad to say, I am thousand miles away from home. God bless you Mother. May you have many more days to enjoy your life!


Have A Blessed Day To All Mothers

"Let's praise the Lord for mothers who not only care for their children physically but also nurture them spiritually. Mothers like that are indispensable."
Herb Vander Lugt

Such great words from the Author. That is the reason why I would like to congratulate all Mothers who have done their best in taking care of their children not only physically but spiritually as a whole! You're are all great heroes!
To my dear Mother, thanks a lot for everything!
I love you Mamang!
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God has conferred on motherhood a true nobility,
and she who gladly fills that role
can shape man's destiny.
D. De Haan

thanks to Joy for greeting me with the above flower....even though I'm still not a mother..that's why I am also passing it especially to all loving Mothers in the whole world. God bless you always!


Conversation With A Friend

I had a great conversation with a friend last night. She gave birth to a very cute baby boy last June of this year. The last time we saw them was during the baby's baptismal. He looks really very cute which make me feels excited of having a baby too. I am not in a hurry but if it is God's will, why not! My friend also mentioned about her baby which she sometimes have a problem about colic, reflux and gas. Colic in babies are sometimes very difficult. I even heard sometimes while we were talking over the phone about her baby cried and screamed so loud. I felt sad about it.

I guess her baby needs some gripe water to cure this kind of problem. She also asked me sometimes about problems and situation regarding babies but I told her that I still don't have a baby. I guess the last time I took care of babies was about twenty years ago. I would better suggest to her to watch a PBS Video at Colic Calm. I believed this is a great site for her so that she can learn more about taking care of babies and handling the problems and difficulties that babies encounter everyday.

I hope to see my friend tomorrow in a party. Take care guys and don't forget to enjoy your weekend.


Keep on Hoping to Wear a Maternity Dress in the future!!

I always hear some friends saying "That's Life"..It is a sort of expression wherein either good things or bad ones happened. I am even saying it sometimes when I can no longer think of anything to say. I am happily married for more than five years now. I am very thankful and blessed of having a very good and loving husband. After more than five years of married life, I haven't got any child yet. Of course, I am still hoping and praying to have some. I still did not lose hope everytime I heard some news about women in the forties or fifties who are still having babies. I still did not lose my hope and patience of wearing Trendy Maternity Clothes someday. I believed I am still not too old not to have some babies. I am wishing to have three. Mid thirties, I guess still have some hope.

It makes me feel very excited everytime I am thinking of getting pregnant. I even ask myself how do I look if I wear Ingrid and Isabel Maternity clothing? there any way to wear this in the future? Only God knows. Whatever future plans or wishes He prepares for me, I am willing to accept it. The important thing is that I live a happy and contented life. I also did not lose hope because we already have a lot of modern technology now which can make women pregnant in one way or another.

I simply love the style of Juicy Maternity clothing at Belly Dance Maternity. I know getting trendy and fashionable maternity clothes is not impossible with this site. You can simply have everything you need with regards to maternity clothing. I can't wait to see myself having bulge belly because of getting a baby! Please pray for me!!


Mother Knows Best for Their Babies

I came from a very big family. We are all 12 children. Now everybody is grown-up. Our youngest is turning 18 years old on October. I am also married now but no kids yet. I can't imagine how our Mother took care of us. Problems like baby reflux is not an easy one especially for Mothers who can't just look at their babies suffering. But my Mother had overcome it all. Mother really knows best for their children. Do you agree with me??

I have a friend who just gave birth last June of this year. Sometimes she is also complaining because even the baby was just fed up, he also keep on crying. I believed, the baby have problems sometimes with GER or the so-called Gastro Esophageal Reflux, or simply “reflux”. My friend is even doing Natural Reflux Remedies like swaddling, rocking the baby, giving him a warm bath or let him listen to some baby lullabies.

I haven't took to my friend for sometime. I am also planning to call her today to visit us this weekend and might recommend Colic Calm for her baby reflux problem. Hopefully when she comes this weekend, I will show to her the PBS Video for more infos!!

I have to say bye for now and do some household chores!!happy Thursday especially to Mothers out there!!