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Sights and Holiday Villas in Crete

It is always nice to travel and explore new places from time to time. When finances are only available all the time, I am nowhere to be found now. I might be staying in one of the holiday villas in Crete at the moment. It seems that somebody is dreaming here again. Honestly, this is one of the places I wish to visit in Greece. I am reminded by a friend who once visited this island some years ago. She said that it is one of the beautiful islands in Greece.

I still have a lot of travel wishlist for 2011. I am very glad that I had the chance to visit some of it the past months. To name a few are; Monte Carlo in Monaco, Nice and Cannes in France, Cinque Terre and San Remo in Italy, Berlin, Boleslawiec in Poland and some other more to come in a few months. Just awhile ago, I was browsing on apartments in Puerto Pollensa. It is also called as Puerto Pollenca, a lovely town in the north-eastern part of Mallorca in Spain. This is also one of my travel wishlist.

Let me concentrate now with some of the beautiful sights I wish to see in Crete. For all you know, this island is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands.

Heraklion Archaeological Museum- this is a very historical museum since its houses the most important finds from Minoan civilisation. The excavations across the island of Crete are also stored here.

Gramvousa- if you love the beach, this inhabited island is perfect for you. You can also see some splendid old fortress here.

The Minoan Palace of Knossos- this is the landmark of Crete. It is the site of the most important and best known Minoan palace complex in this island. There are legends that are connected to this place such as the story of Daidalos and Ikaros and the myth of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur. This is quite interesting.

Zakros Gorge- known as the "valley of the dead" due to the ancient neolithic tombs in the valley wall.

Ancient city of Gortyna- I would love to see here the Byzantine Cathedrals, ancient Roman ruins and most of all the tree where supposedly Zeus and Europa first made love.

There are still a lot of interesting sights in the island of Crete. There are also a lot of places to stay in this island. You can find self-catering accommodation here from villas for rent to holiday cottages apartments. Depending on your needs and budget, you can always find a perfect place to stay during your holiday.


Beautiful Sydney

I remember a friend who was formerly a flight sterwardess. In fact, she was an international stewardess of one of the largest air freight company. She had travelled in many parts of the world because of her job. One of the images I saw from her travel was taken in Sydney, Australia. Good for her because she don't need to browse and search for cheap sydney hotels because the company is paying for all her accommodation and travel expenses. I felt sad after hearing that she quitted her job to start a family. I believed it was a difficult decision for her but I agree she had chosen the right one.

Anyway, do you know why this post is entitled beautiful Sydney? It is because I am fascinated by the beauty of this city especially its wildlife and nature, historical sights, famous landmarks and also the people's culture and tradition.

I always wanted to see its iconic landmark which is the Sydney Opera House. It is considered to be one of the most famous structures in this city. The Sydney Tower in the city centre is also a good place to have a beautiful view of the city. If you love history like me, Parramatta in the west of Sydney is a very interesting site to see the oldest buildings of this city.

Museums and galleries in Sydney are also worthy to visit. Some of it don't even require for entrance fees. The Australian Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Sydney are only some of its interesting museums to visit.

I believed visiting this city can be a very nice and memorable experience. I just find Sydney beautiful! Lastly, I am happy to know that my friend is now pregnant.