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Christmas Party..More Photos

The Spice Girls in action again!! confused where to look because there were four cameras on the go!!

It was truly a great, wonderful and memorable Christmas gathering yesterday!! Simply amazing celebration!!

some of the fresh fruits being served

banquet of food!! yummy!! yummy!! some were served in the kitchen because the table was already full!

fruit salad, ham, bread, cassava cake, fresh fruits, veggies salad, lumpia at the upper right corner,,, etc..


Belated Happy Birthday Renate!!

a photo with my husband's relatives. The lady with the white collar is the birthday celebrant and just turned 60 yesterday.

How would you feel if you reach the age of 60 ?? Are going to be thankful for reaching this age in your life!! For me, It is already a big accomplishment when somebody reach the age of 60 especially if you live a happy and contented life.

This post is especially dedicated to my husband's cousin, Renate who had her 60th birthday yesterday..I just wish that may you have more birthdays to come and always stay happy and healthy. "Live life to the fullest" as the saying goes!!

wish everyone a happy day today!!...enjoy the first day of the month!!
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the best part of the party!!! eating time!!

the birthday cake...yummy.. taste very good!!

How I just wish I also reach this age and God's will and grace!!