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January was a Great Month!

It is time to slowly goodbye to January. CET or Central Europe Time, some more hours and it is over. February is about to come and I am optimistic for its coming, hoping it will be another great month like January.

So far, I am grateful that January is indeed a great month. Why I say  great? Hmmm.. I am finally going home this year. I booked my  plane ticket during the first  week of  January. Thanks to my siblings who will be sponsoring for my travel this time. isn't it a blessing? I am also glad to have more contacts to my family and friends worldwide.


Medicine Box

Good evening everyone! Let me share you this before I sign-off for tonight. I am quite tired now after doing some organizing and cleaning today. Hopefully I will be done soon. Back to main topic..Where is our medication cart? I would mean a medicine box for this. Hubby was trying to find a band aid this evening. He got some cuts on his finger from work. I told him that there is one pack of it in our medicine box. Sometimes he just don't see things inside the house. There are also some medicines inside it from pain relievers like paracetamol and ibuprofen to nose sprays, migraine tablets, burn creams, bandages and some other more. It is better to have some in the house especially during emergency.

I wish you all a wonderful week. For sure, it will be a busy week for me. Goodnight folks!

I Love Music and Entertainment

Do you love to hear  songs or do you love singing? Are you interested about  music? How do you entertain yourself? With our modern world now, you can have as many forms of music and entertainment that you always wanted. If you have a laptop or computer, you can go online and simply browse for a music and entertainment website. Watching music videos in the world's most famous video platform called Youtube is also free and you can truly watch a variety of videos according to your choice.

Las Vegas, Nevada, The Entertainment Capital of The World. I was there!
I love listening to the music and singing as well. I have sisters that can also sing good. I also have a cousin who used to perform in Ballys and other hotels in Las Vegas. I really admired her voice.

Happy with my New Books

This is a very special day for us today. Around noon time, the phone rang and when I picked it up I thought it was something for me. It was not only a good news for me but most especially for hubby also. We are very glad and thankful today that our prayers were finally answered.

Another thing is, I am quite happy with the presents I got last Christmas. I love books and I am happy to have new ones in my collections especially travel books. Next time, I hope I can have one of those ebook readers. This is quite convenient especially if you are travelling because it is very handy. Besides you can store a lot of books in this electronic device. I need to set aside an amount for this from time to time. This time I have another priority. I'll let you know once I already have it.

Goodnight folks. It's time to drink red wine with hubby to celebrate the good news we had today. Thank God for all your unending goodness!


Undergoing Home Improvements

There are still a lot of home improvements that we need to do in our house. Our bathroom needs a total repair plus we need to install a new tilt and turn window . We are planning to replace our old kitchen set hopefully next year. In five years maybe, our roof needs a replacement also. We are just doing all these home improvements from time to time when finances are available.

we had a hard time during winter season especially when it is snowing hard. hopefully next winter, snow cleaning is not that hard anymore. we are currently building a garage for our cars. This was taken last December 2010.

We are currently building a garden terrace and a carport or I would say a garage. Actually these two are adjacent to each other. We found this project a priority especially during winter time. Since we don't have a garage it is very difficult for our two cars to stay outside in open air. Sometimes when you wake-up early in the morning during winter time, everything is already covered with snow. It needs more time and energy to clean it.

all the plants and flowers were gone now. This garden will be the garage. All the plants and flowers were transferred to the former parking lot. It is our new garden now.

The highlight for this year's home improvement is the terrace. I can't wait to sit on a coffee table that I am planning to buy. Since the garden terrace is huge enough, probably around 30 square meters, I am also planning to put rustic garden furniture in there.

I was asking hubby if everything will be finished before my birthday comes in August. If not, it is still fine for me. Thanks to hubby for all the patience and diligence in working on it.


Time Is Gold

Hello folks! I am finally back here! The pasts days seems to be very busy. Sometimes, I can't go online because I feel dizzy. I don't know what's wrong with me. I am planning to visit the doctor in a couple of days for a check-up and I hope and pray that everything will be fine soon.

I also would like to extend my sympathy and prayers to the victims of tsunami and earthquake in Japan. Condolence to families who had lost their loveones in this very tragic catastrophe. God bless Japan and God bless us all.

Finally back to the main topic...Do you believe guys that time is gold? I always believed in it. That is also the reason why as much as possible, I don't want to waste my time in things that are nonsense. I am always trying my best to maximize and use my time in a good and more productive way. I am only a plain housewife and sometimes I feel that 24-hours a day is still not enough to do all the things in the house. For me, time also means money. That is why I value time very much. I don't want to waste my time and I always see to it that I can do some things that are always productive.


Happy Mothers Day

“A mother is the truest friend we have,
when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us;
when adversity takes the place of prosperity;
when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us;
when trouble thickens around us,
still will she cling to us,
and endeavor by her kind precepts
and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness,
and cause peace to return to our hearts.”

-Washington Irving
Congratulations to all Mothers especially to the greatest Mother, my dearest Mama! I love you Mama! God bless you lways! God bless all Mothers!


Greetings To Dear Mother

I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to the greatest Mother of the world. Her name is Rosa. She brought me to this world. Thanks a lot Mama Rosa for everything. I also would like to greet all Mothers out there. Congratulations to all of your for raising your children. God bless you all. Here is a pot of flowers to all of you.
I wish I could give this to my Mother personally. Sad to say, I am thousand miles away from home. God bless you Mother. May you have many more days to enjoy your life!


Up on Ferris Wheel in Nuremberg Spring Festival

"The riches of this world are vain,
They vanish in a day;
But sweet the treasure of God's love-
They never pass away."

This was taken during our visit to the Spring Festival in Nuremberg the other weekend. It is a city in the state of Bavaria in Germany. That was a very nice experience we had during our visit. I took this picture as we were riding the Ferris wheel in the festival.

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I believed this is a very nice story to share about jealousy. We as persons can't avoid sometimes that we are jealous with a friend or neighbor especially when they acquire materials things. As long as we don't do bad things to a certain person or don't put him/her to a bad situation, I guess it is a normal feeling. Let's use jealousy as an inspiration to strive for a better living not to make negative things to others. I also pray that this negative act of being jealous will prompt me to do good and not to destroy others. Keep reading this inspirational story below.


Jealousy is a lousy motivator at the best of times. In a rather contrived sense it can sometimes be said to be a good motivator if it seeks to inspire a person to draw the best out of themselves in the pursuit of a particular goal, as long as his or her actions do not negatively impinge on others. However, rarely will jealousy lead to a good result. It is better to avoid jealousy at all costs and seek far purer emotions for motivation in our lives.

St. Francis of Assisi speaks of how envy and jealousy are sins against the Holy Spirit. For him, they are the unforgiveable sin of Mark 3:27-28. Why does he believe this? I think it is because he sees envy and jealousy as the refusal to rejoice in the way the Holy Spirit has given gifts to those around him. Who are we to question the Lord’s wisdom when He decided to give one gift to one person and another or even more gifts to another person? The only response we should have in recognizing the gifts of others is rejoicing that God has been so generous to gift His Church, the community of the People of God, with such gifts.

In other words, our focus ought to be identifying our own gifts and placing them at the service of the Church and praying that others will do the same. It is impossible to see how worrying about or being envious or jealous of the gifts of others is going to help the Church in its duty to proclaim the Gospel to all men and women. The only worthwhile response is to thank God for the gifts He gives to us all and to pray that we have the grace to use them faithfully in the service of the Gospel.

Jealousy will only lead to division and hurt; rejoicing in the gifts of others will lead to sharing and growth of the community. Let us pray that we will be faithful to all that God has entrusted us and so be active, joyful and contributing members of the communities of faith to which we belong. Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL

Reflection Question:

Do I use my gifts for the benefit of the work of the Gospel or am I selfish with them?

Jesus, help me to be faithful to Your call and to always respond with generosity to use the gifts You have given me for the benefit of others.

St. Lambert of Lyon, pray for us.


Mellow yellow Tulip Flowers from our Garden

Tulips are coming again in our garden. Some are already blooming and I love watching it everyday. Here is one kind of tulip from our garden. Have a lovely day to all!
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Colorful Petunia

"When we choose to follow Jesus,
our whole life changes direction."

image taken in front of Ballys Hotel garden in Las Vegas.
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I am a SAHW!

Easter week is finally here. I hope that we will have a wonderful and meaningful experience during this time. Did you just read the title of this post. I believed you did! Some might have any idea what does SAHW means. Anyway, it stands for Stay At Home Wife. Honestly guys I just stay at home but sometimes it seems that my whole day is still not enough for me. Some of the things that keep me busy at home are blogging, gardening, scrapbook making, cooking and meeting old friends and new friends online. Some of you might know that there are millions of bloggers around the world who have been earning extra or little income from their blogs. Why not? Sometimes this little income when being saved can buy some things we need. From this paid to blog, I was able to finance some of my travel. This is also an advantage for me because I can work anytime I want. I can also share my daily experiences while earning some money.

I even heard from a friend before that a lady who worked in the office resigned from her job to work at home and earn better income as her former job. It is quite an interesting story. There are a lot of sites that are offering paid to blog opportunities I still don't know everything but I am also surfing it from time to time. You can search online to have more information about this thing called blog advertising. Who knows one of these days, I will be a professional blogger.wink! Wish me luck! take care folks and have a wonderful Easter season!


Greetings from Cebu, Philippines

"I sing the mighty power of God
That made the mountain rise,
That spread the flowing seas abroad
And built the lofty skies."
One of the postcards I bought during my vacation to the Philippines this year.

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Looking at The Sunset in Cebu, Philippines

One of the scenery I miss in the Philippines. I don't know but I always love to see the sunset. I was so happy today that I had seen the sun set here in Germany after a long winter time. We were on the way to the clinic for some therapy and I saw the beautiful sunset. Sad to say, I still did not download the pictures. Hopefully tomorrow. Please bear watching this sunset taken from our terrace in the Philippines.

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Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

"If you rebelled and turned away
From what you know is true,
Turn back to God - He will forgive;
He waits to pardon you."

taken in Panglao Island, Bohol in the Philippines during my vacation last month. what a very nice place for contemplating.

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RT: Bohol Sightseeing

I am still catching for my RT entry. This one was taken in Bohol, Philippines last month during my vacation there. I love this place and that is also the reason why I visited it again. I guess you see some red here! Take care everyone!

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Yellow Poinsettia and the Nice Quote

"Lord, help us to redeem the time
You give us everyday-
To take each opportunity
To follow and obey."

Wordless WednesdayMellowYellowBadgePhotobucket
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Sky View From Our Window

"God uses our difficulties to make us better-
not bitter."
Our Daily Bread

A view taken from our window last weekend. The snow was falling outside and the sky was gray. That is the beauty of winter season which some people don't appreciate. Have a blessed weekend to all! take care especially to all friends!
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Inambakan Falls in Cebu and the Lovely Quote

"Lord, I've not always understood
What plan you have for me;
Yet I will glory in your cross
And bear mine patiently." - Anon

This is the Inambakan Falls in located in Ginatilan, Cebu. We had a visit there last month during my vacation in the Philippines.
Wordless Wednesday

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