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Bathroom Ideas

How are you folks? I hope all is fine with all of you. Another cold gray day we are having right now. I want to go walking this afternoon but since I am still not fully fit and healthy, still having a bit cough and cold, I decided to stay home.

Back to my main topic about bathroom ideas. Actually there are a lot at They have just a lot of stuffs to choose from. Me and hubby went to a hardware store last Saturday to buy a new boiler. The shop also sells bathroom sets and other home accessories and gadgets. Some of their bathroom ideas are cool but I found very better and nice ones at Better Bathrooms. Their bathroom suite deals are quite affordable compared to the ones we saw at the hardware.

I guess me and hubby must start to decide now because we will be completely repairing our old bathroom next year. Thanks to Better Bathrooms for the wonderful products and ideas! Any one looking for bathroom ideas out their? I guess you know now where to go. Have a nice day!


Old Bathroom

Where is sunshine? Autumn time is slowly coming now. The weather last week was not so friendly again except for Sunday. Yesterday was a better one because we had a bit sunshine. Last Monday, me and hubby went to the nearest hardware and furniture store to look for something and bought some stuffs for finishing our new energy-saving windows. We also tried to look for bathroom furniture. Hubby said that for sure next year, we will renovate our bathroom and kitchen. It would be a total renovation for both because they are quite old already and some furniture are already dilapidated.

I am also looking online for bathroom and kitchen ideas. I would love to have some modern styles when we can afford it. It might be expensive if we hire someone to do all the renovation but hubby said that he will do it himself. As usual, I will be again his assistant. In this way, we can save some bucks of money. It is like the same with our new windows. We did all the dismantling and installation and we save thousands of Euros from it. Lastly, thanks to Better Bathrooms for sharing some ideas about bathroom stuffs. They have a lot of nice bathroom furniture and accessories. I love especially their whirlpool baths and Roll Top & Freestanding Baths. We will see which one will fit our budget next year. I am happy that at least we are starting to renovate our old house now especially when financial matters are available.

Sunshine is finally here! I want to go outside to breath some fresh air in our garden! Have a great day everyone!