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What Happened to My Friendster?

sightseeing in London??very cool place!! great experience to be here!!

Hi guys! how are you doing? I am good but quite tired. How could you imagine walking all the time and visiting different places here in England!! awesome but tiring adventure!!..It is really a very nice experience!! I'm in the internet cafe now checking my mails. Sorry guys for not visiting you..I will be backed home very soon!!

I just wonder when I opened my friendster here in the internet cafe!! My friends in my list became 19 only. As far as I can remember, I already have around 372 friends in my list!! weird!! Oh well, I hope friendster just made some errors!! Have a great and blessed day guys!! see you soon!!

I Am not Happy Today

I am just a bit upset today. I believed it is normal for a person to feel like that especially if there are some things or someone that makes you upset or unhappy. I'm already starting to drive my car and the postlady stopped me to hand a box and a small parcel. As I see the name on top of the box, I was feeling very bad. The rest is secret. Sorry I can't write here very personal stuffs. But anyway, I am just hoping that things will get better soon for the good of all and maybe all people around the world. I am just waiting till the end of the month to travel again in United Kingdom for almost three weeks and might fly also to other countries and cities in Europe with a friend... I just need to enjoy life..I want some adventure and challenges now and today might be a challenge too!! I believed I can handle that!!!cool!! enjoy your weekend my friends!!