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MDN: Live Life to the Fullest!!

It's Monday again!! I'm back to my real world!! It's been a week that I am back to Germany. After having a 2 months vacation in USA, I just felt so exhausted. At least now, I am recovering a little bit. It was a great time , fun and excitement in USA esp. in Las Vegas. That was a very memorable experience.

Live Life to the fullest!! I believed I am really living my life to the fullest!! Living a simple but happy life!! I might not have all the materials things on earth but I have all the simple things to be happy... family, friends and all the basic things I need....and of course my "lakwatsa" short escapades and some travel and adventures anywhere!!

I just always feel refresh and regain my energy and power every time I see interesting places.
This is what I am sharing to you in this blog which I consider "My Daily Nourishment"...My life, my family and all the basic and simple things in life that can truly make a person happy!!

I am sharing to all my readers, visitors and blogger friends some pictures of my escapades in USA..keep reading!! also visit my other sites for more updates!!

Lastly, I want to extend my gratitude to everybody who always visit and leave their comments and messages here while I was away...Thanks a lot!!

Have a great Monday!!

Rustyland in Universal Studio Hollywood, Los Angeles , California
we got great time here!!

we also enjoyed the ride in Jurassic park at Universal Studio, Hollywood, LA

we stayed 2 days here in Disneyland, California...where million dreams come true!!

it's me with Minnie Mouse!! I thought it is only in dreams that I can have pix with the famous cartoon character...but it was a dream come true!!!

at Las Vegas strip during the day!! I had lots of partying here...very unforgettable experience!!

with my Kababayan Mercy from Midsayap..she is also my co-varsity player before in Softball back in our college days!! great time with you time again!! thanks for the dinner in Caesars Palace!! hahaha!!! pix taken at the fountain inside Forum shops in CP..

at the Fremont street in Downtown Las Vegas!! experience the Fremont experience if you visit Vegas!! it a great place to have fun!!

in front of Caesars Palace..


Wordless Wednesday


My new found boyfriend in Hollywood, Universal Studio!!! hahaha..
presenting Franskentein!!! ngeeekk!!
Best regards to all friends out there!!