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Sky View From Our Window

"God uses our difficulties to make us better-
not bitter."
Our Daily Bread

A view taken from our window last weekend. The snow was falling outside and the sky was gray. That is the beauty of winter season which some people don't appreciate. Have a blessed weekend to all! take care especially to all friends!
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Prayer Power

"Something happens when we pray,
Powers of evil lose their sway,
We gain strength and fear gives way-
Therefore, let us pray."

photo I took as we drove home from Munich International Airport last Feb. 14, 2010. I am at my second home now.

We do not wrestle against flesh and blood,
but against the rulers of the darkness
of this age.- Ephesians 6:12


WW: Winter Season


"Even winter time has its own beauty despite being wet and cold"
by: Ruby Benz