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Cost-Effective Ways to Take Your Family on a Vacation

When the times comes for school vacations, the perceived price of a good trip away often prevents the majority of parents from even looking at vacation ideas and options.

If this sounds like you and you are tired of staying at home during the entire school vacation periods each year, then the information below can help!

 On the Road!
It doesn’t matter if you pack the family into the car and take a weekend trip away to visit relatives, if you take a week away to explore a neighboring city, or if you all spend a month traveling around the country, a road trip is a great cost effective adventure which everybody can enjoy.

Holiday 2011- Visiting the Ancient Ruins in Turkey

We had been planning since two months ago for a holiday together. Finally, hubby and I will be going to a holiday in Turkey this coming September 2011. We wanted to stay in one of those beautiful villas in Turkey but the holiday package we booked allowed us to stay in a 4-star hotel somewhere in Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Trojan and Aphrodosias in Turkey. I am finally spending one of those luxury holidays in Turkey since our hotel has a 4-star category.

Last Monday, I reminded hubby to fill-up a vacation leave from his work so that I can book our trip. I forgot to remind him last Tuesday because I was so busy with a lot of errands and activities. Last night when I went home from a birthday party, I asked him if his vacation leave was already approved. I am happy to hear that his manager finally approved his vacation leave. This will be our first long vacation together after almost five years. Of course, we always go for a short trip but this holiday, where we can see and experience the ancient ruins in Turkey is quite special and very exciting for me.

The holiday package in Turkey include the following:

1. Bus transfer from Regensburg to Munich and vice-versa
2. Lufthansa Tourist Class Airline ticket to Istanbul, round trip
3. Transfer from Istanbul Airport to Hotel and vice versa
4. All the bus trips to different places in Turkey
5. 9x breakfast buffet in hotel
6. 9x Overnight stay in a 4-star hotel
7. 5x Dinner-menu
8. Tour Guide for the different bus trips to different cities in Turkey

We will be visiting some of the ancient ruins and other historical places in Turkey which are included in this holiday package.


This is one of the cities that I always wish to visit. I had seen some images of it in the internet and I find it awesome. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It is known historically as Constantinople and Byzantium. Our holiday package states that we will be visiting some of the historical sites here like the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Palace and some other more.


This is the third largest city in Turkey. Izmir is called as the "Pearl of the Aegean". I can finally see the Clock Tower in Konak Square which is the iconic symbol of the city. This city is also known for its fine beaches which is located near the city centre.

One of my friends had already visited this city and I love the images she posted in her facebook albums. I will see this city very soon!


Here is so far the best part of this trip if I am not mistaken. Ephesus is one of the major tourist attractions in Turkey. It has a large archeological site in Aegean Turkey. An online friend named Art, who also love to travel and visit interesting places wrote me and email about his trip to Greece and Turkey last March of this year. Here are some of the travel experiences he shared to me through email. Thank you so much Art for this wonderful experiences.

"We went to Kusadasi, Turkey next. If you are arriving by cruise ship you do not need a visa to go there. If you are at all religiously minded this is where you will really want to visit. When Jesus died on the cross, He asked his apostle John to take care of his Mother, the Virgin Mary. John brought her to live out her last years at Ephesus, which is right outside of Kusadasi. When I walked into the small stone building that is where she lived, it was the most unbelievable feeling that I have ever felt in my whole life!! And I am not even Catholic. BUT I BELIEVE, especially now! The Greek and Roman ruins at Ephesus are unbelievable. There are more ruins in just Ephesus than there are in all of Greece. I saw where the apostle Paul preached to the Ephesians and where he was imprisoned. I saw where John was tried and exiled to a small island just of the coast of Turkey. And all of Ephesus is very well preserved because no cities were built over the ruins like they did in Greece and Italy."
Some other places that we will be visiting during this trip are;

Pergamon- also called as Pergamum-an ancient Greek city in modern-day Turkey.
Troy- called in German as Troja-where the legendary Trojan War took place according to the book of Iliad by Homer.
Aphrodosias- one of the best preserved Roman cities in Turkey.
Bursa-where you can also see a lot of historical sites.

I am very happy to book this very cheap trip this morning. I will share some images once we are done with the trip.


Sights and Holiday Villas in Crete

It is always nice to travel and explore new places from time to time. When finances are only available all the time, I am nowhere to be found now. I might be staying in one of the holiday villas in Crete at the moment. It seems that somebody is dreaming here again. Honestly, this is one of the places I wish to visit in Greece. I am reminded by a friend who once visited this island some years ago. She said that it is one of the beautiful islands in Greece.

I still have a lot of travel wishlist for 2011. I am very glad that I had the chance to visit some of it the past months. To name a few are; Monte Carlo in Monaco, Nice and Cannes in France, Cinque Terre and San Remo in Italy, Berlin, Boleslawiec in Poland and some other more to come in a few months. Just awhile ago, I was browsing on apartments in Puerto Pollensa. It is also called as Puerto Pollenca, a lovely town in the north-eastern part of Mallorca in Spain. This is also one of my travel wishlist.

Let me concentrate now with some of the beautiful sights I wish to see in Crete. For all you know, this island is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands.

Heraklion Archaeological Museum- this is a very historical museum since its houses the most important finds from Minoan civilisation. The excavations across the island of Crete are also stored here.

Gramvousa- if you love the beach, this inhabited island is perfect for you. You can also see some splendid old fortress here.

The Minoan Palace of Knossos- this is the landmark of Crete. It is the site of the most important and best known Minoan palace complex in this island. There are legends that are connected to this place such as the story of Daidalos and Ikaros and the myth of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur. This is quite interesting.

Zakros Gorge- known as the "valley of the dead" due to the ancient neolithic tombs in the valley wall.

Ancient city of Gortyna- I would love to see here the Byzantine Cathedrals, ancient Roman ruins and most of all the tree where supposedly Zeus and Europa first made love.

There are still a lot of interesting sights in the island of Crete. There are also a lot of places to stay in this island. You can find self-catering accommodation here from villas for rent to holiday cottages apartments. Depending on your needs and budget, you can always find a perfect place to stay during your holiday.


Holiday Cottages and Sighst To See in Cornwall

The first quarter of the year is almost ending. Three more weeks and the month of March will be over soon. It seems that I am in a hurry for the coming of April. I am just excited to browse about holiday cottages because I will be having another mini-holiday next month. It will be a 6-day trip and I am quite excited about it.

Have you plan your holiday for the year 2011? If you want to ask me, I will surely say, Yes, I am! I am in the process of browsing for cottages in Cornwall because this is one of my holiday destination for 2011. I believed there are a lot of cheap accommodation in this area. Thanks to Owners Direct for giving a lot of information about powerful holiday villas, apartments, bed and breakfast, hotels and holiday rentals not only in Europe but in the whole world as well. Wherever and whenever we want to spend our holiday, there is always a good place for us to stay.

I am also trying to research what could be the possible sights to see in Cornwall. I have a travel book of England but it did not say too much of Cornwall. Thanks to wikipedia for all the helpful information about this place. I would love to especially visit The Eden Project which has a vast collection of flora from all over the world. I always love to watch movies about King Arthur and visiting Tintagel Castle which is his legendary birthplace can be a great experience. Some other interesting sights to visit includes The Lost Gardens of Flannigan, Leyton McCash's Mystery Dungeon, Land's End, The National Maritime Museum Falmouth, The Fate St Ives and a lot more.

For sure, I would to also love to taste the regional specialties in Cornwall. My list includes Cornish Ice Cream, Saffron Cake, Hogs puddin, the famous seafood Star Gazey' pie and their yummy fudge and biscuits. It seems that my appetite is getting high now. I also heard that Cornwall if famous for its honey wine. I might try this too!

Don't forget to plan ahead you travel in Cornwall. You might save time and money for that.


Beautiful Sydney

I remember a friend who was formerly a flight sterwardess. In fact, she was an international stewardess of one of the largest air freight company. She had travelled in many parts of the world because of her job. One of the images I saw from her travel was taken in Sydney, Australia. Good for her because she don't need to browse and search for cheap sydney hotels because the company is paying for all her accommodation and travel expenses. I felt sad after hearing that she quitted her job to start a family. I believed it was a difficult decision for her but I agree she had chosen the right one.

Anyway, do you know why this post is entitled beautiful Sydney? It is because I am fascinated by the beauty of this city especially its wildlife and nature, historical sights, famous landmarks and also the people's culture and tradition.

I always wanted to see its iconic landmark which is the Sydney Opera House. It is considered to be one of the most famous structures in this city. The Sydney Tower in the city centre is also a good place to have a beautiful view of the city. If you love history like me, Parramatta in the west of Sydney is a very interesting site to see the oldest buildings of this city.

Museums and galleries in Sydney are also worthy to visit. Some of it don't even require for entrance fees. The Australian Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Sydney are only some of its interesting museums to visit.

I believed visiting this city can be a very nice and memorable experience. I just find Sydney beautiful! Lastly, I am happy to know that my friend is now pregnant.


The Cathedral in Bamberg, Germany

The Bamberg Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George (Bamberger Dom St. Peter und St. Georg) is known to be one of the famous architectural monuments in Germany. It is also the most famous landmark of the city of Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany. Emperor Henry II is the founder of the cathedral in 1004. It has a late Romanesque design with four imposing towers.

The cathedral is about 94 m long, 28 m broad, 26 m high, and the four towers are each about 81 m high. This was taken during our visit last Oct. 9, 2010.


Watching the Sky in Westminster Abbey, London, England

What a such dark sky in London as we visited Westminster Abbey. This Gothic church is also known as The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster.

Here is an image I took during my visit last 2008.

According to a tradition first reported by Sulcard in about 1080, the Abbey was first founded in the time of Mellitus (d. 624), Bishop of London, on the present site, then known as Thorn Ey (Thorn Island); based on a late "tradition" that a fisherman called "Aldrich" on the River Thames saw a vision of Saint Peter near the site. This seems to be quoted to justify the gifts of salmon from Thames fishermen that the Abbey received in later years. The proven origins are that in the 960s or early 970s, Saint Dunstan, assisted by King Edgar, installed a community of Benedictine monks here. A stone abbey was built around 1045–1050 by King Edward the Confessor as part of his palace there and was consecrated on 28 December 1065, only a week before the Confessor's death and subsequent funeral and burial. It was the site of the last coronation prior to the Norman conquest of England, that of his successor Harold II. From 1245 it was rebuilt by Henry III who had selected the site for his burial.

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Beautiful Bohol Beach Club, Philippines

I miss this place. This beautiful beach in Bohol Beach Club in Panglao Island. I guess I don't need to elaborate the picture below. Simply take a look at it and the photo alone will tell you a thousand words. This was taken during my 2009-2010 vacation in the Philippines. We went there in February. Happy weekend guys!
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Moldau River in Prague, Czech Republic

The happiness of your life
depends on the quality of your thoughts.

This is the Moldau River in Prague, Czech Republic. This was taken during our trip last September 2008.
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Nice Quote

"We have an anchor that keeps the soul
Steadfast and sure while the billows roll,
Fastened to the Rock which cannot move,
Grounded firm and deep in the Saviour's love."
The Free fall ride at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

Scenic SundayWordless Wednesday
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RT: Bohol Sightseeing

I am still catching for my RT entry. This one was taken in Bohol, Philippines last month during my vacation there. I love this place and that is also the reason why I visited it again. I guess you see some red here! Take care everyone!

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Taoist Temple in Cebu City, Philippines

This is one of the sights I visited during my vacation in the Philippines. Taoist Temple was built in 1972 and it is located in Beverly Hills Subdivision where most of the rich and the famous people of Cebu live. Taoist Temple is open for viewing to the public for free. During our visit the security guard told us that we are only allowed to stay in the temple for thirty minutes. Silence is also observe in the place and no picture taking is allowed inside the temple where the people pray and lit candles. Here is one of the pictures I took during my visit.

Scenic SundayPhotobucket
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WW: Taoist Temple in Cebu, Philippines

Thank God it's Friday! Thank God for each day that I have the chance to see the beauty of the world. Thank God for all the blessings and the graces that comes my way and my family. I am thanking God for everything that he had showered upon me. God is truly great!

Here is picture for my Wordless Wednesday entry for today. This was taken during my vacation in the Philippines this year. That's my dear sister in the picture striking a pose at Taoist Temple in Cebu City, Philippines. Have a great day everyone! Have a wonderful weekend too!
Wordless Wednesday
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Beautiful Sunset

This is such an awesome landscape. I always love watching sunset. I am imparting this wonderful beauty of nature from Panglao Island in Bohol, Philippines. This was taken during my trip last Feb. 1-2, 2010. I was there and I found it truly amazing!
Wordless Wednesday
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WW: Liloan in South Cebu, Philippines

I got something to share about this wonderful picture I took in Liloan in South Cebu, Philippines. I am already missing this beautiful scenery of blue sky and water. We are about to board that fast craft going to Dumaguete for a short sightseeing. That is the island you see in the other side. Happy a wonderful day to all!

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Manchester Monument

Another weekend is here! I got here a picture of somewhat like a religious monument. I took this picture during a visit with a dear friend Dae Loloy in Manchester last Nov. 2008. I can't exactly remember where I took this one. I bought a book about Manchester but it was left in Birmingham. Just sharing this picture for now. Have a great and blessed weekend to all.

Scenic Sunday
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The Church of St. Mary The Virgin in Knaresborough, England

I got here another religious and historical architecture, the church of St. Mary The Virgin in Knaresborough, England. I visited this church last year in November. It is said that this church is around 700 years old now. Here is the photo I personally took during my visit with a friend Ross in this interesting place.

Scenic Sunday
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We're Open, You're Welcome

This is the statue we saw in an Italian Restaurant where we had our lunch during our trip to Passau last Saturday. Since I saw something red from this, I decided to pick-up my camera and took a shot from it. I hope everybody is doing great out there! take care folks!

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Woerth Castle in Bavaria, Germany

W├Ârth or Woerth as written in English is a town located near Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany. We happened to go inside this castle which is now an Altenheim or Home for the Aged. We visited it last August 2009. This is also my SS entry. I am late already but better late than never..wink! have a great week to all!

Scenic Sunday
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The Fountain in New Palace Bayreuth, Germany

Did you see some water here? I hope so. I am quite late for posting this because I was so busy cleaning the house a bit. I am still not done because I had some migraine in the afternoon until tonight. But now, I am feeling very better. Here is the Fountain in New Palace Bayreuth, Germany. I'll be out the whole day tomorrow again. Need to go grocery shopping and do some important errands.

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